Experimental/Rec. Grade Senior Does




CH (pend) Thats Our Chica's Kat
PE1939054- 02/14/18

Sire: Country Winds Perry
SS: Country Winds Vinny
SD: Country Winds Copper Penny

Dam: Thats Our Chica
DS: Spicy-Acres Master Shay
DD: Thats Our Claudia

Show Results:
GCH Udderside Goat Show (restricted leg)
1X GCH Tri State Goat Show
2X GCH SW Michigan Goat Show
4X GCH Goatbusters Goat Show
2X RGCH Noble County Goat Show


Jfritz Violet
GL2100359 - 01/04/20

Sire: Autumn-Acres Gold's Lucky Charm
SS: Autumn-Acres Going for Gold
SD: CH Autumn-Acres Storm's Sealya

Dam: Jfritz Wildflower
DD: Jfritz Babbling Brook

Show Results:
1X GCH Goat Revolt Show
2X RGCH Phase 5 Hoosier Goat Show

CH (pend)Jfritz JFGG Mercedes
PE2103844 - 01/08/20

Sire: Jfritz Galdalf the Grey
SS: Autumn-Acres Journey's Tale
SD: The Possum Creeks Sweetie

Dam: CH (pend) Thats Our Chica's Kat
DS: Spicy-Acres Master Shay
DD: That's Our Claudia

Show Results:
1X GCH, 1X RGCH Heart of Indiana Show
1X GCH, 1X RGCH Kidding Around Classic
1X GCH Caprine in Circus City Goat Show
1X GCH Cass Co. Dairy Goat Show
1X GCH Illinois Dairy Goat Show
1X GCH, 1X BOB Tri State Show
1st and GCH Michigan State Fair

Thistle Corner All That Jazz
PE2221582 - 01/21/22

Sire: Autumn Acres Our March Madness
SS: Autumn-Ares Ace of Spades
SD: CH Autumn-Acres Surri's Sidney

Dam: Jfritz Snickers
DS: Jfritz Vouge's Grand Chance
DD: Spicy Acres Olive Oil

Show Results:
1X RGCH Howl at the Moon Show
1X RGCH Michiana Breeders Show

Alpine Does
(resulting kids will be Experimental)


That's Our Yo-Yo's Sweet Pea
AA1721310 - 04/13/15

Sire: *B Sycamore-Acres PP Charlemagne ~ 89 VEE
SS: Sycamore-Acres Paragon Phineas ~ 91 EVE
SD: SG Sycamore-Acres Magnum Chloe 2*M ~ 90 VEEE

Dam: That's Our Hoops N' Yo-Yo
DS: Munchin'Hill A La Euche Em ~ 85 VV+
DD: That's Our Courtney ~ 87 EEVA

Show Results:

That's Our YYSP Oh Peggy
AA2245805 - 03/15/22

Sire: Thunder Oak Smokes Black Ace
SS: Thunder Oak Jester's Smoke ~ 85 VVV
SD: Thunder Oak Mercy

Dam: That's Our Yo-Yo's Sweet Pea ~89 VVEE
DS: Sycamore-Acres PP Charlemagne ~ 85 VV+
DD: That's Our Hoops N' Yo-Yo ~ 87 EEVA

Show Results:

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